We can accept any form of Platinum scrap material including:

Platinum scrap wiring, labratory crucibles, damaged Platinum jewellery and

Platinum Thermocouple Wire

Labware Platinum Crucibles, Lab Tongs etc.

Platinum Wedding or Engagement Rings

Investment Platinum Bullion Bars or Ingots

Casting Platinumt Grain (Platinum with Ruthenium or Iridium Grain)

Jewellers off cuts,scraps,filings,bench dust sweeps etc.

Temperature Sensitive Platinum Rhodium Alloy Thermocouples

Dental Scrap including Platinum Group Metals

Sheet, Rods, Grain Manufacturing Scrap

Bullion Rounds and Investment Platinum Coins

Platinum Jewellery Over Stocks and Jewellers unwanted Inventory

We also buy Palladium...

We can accept any form of Palladium scrap material

We will pay a premium for palladium bullion bars and coins….

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Did you know?

The Element Platinum is defined as…

A silver-white metallic element occurring worldwide, usually mixed with other metals such as iridium, osmium, or nickel. It is ductile and malleable, does not oxidize in air, and is used as a catalyst and in electrical components, jewellery, dentistry, and electroplating.

Brief Facts about the Discovery and History of the Element Platinum

Platinum was discovered by astronomers Antonio de Ulloa and Don Jorge Juan y Santacilia in 1735. However the first European reference to platinum appears in 1557 in the writings of the Italian humanist Julius Caesar Scaliger (1484-1558). Charles Wood independently isolated the element in 1741. The alchemical symbol for platinum was made by joining the symbols of silver and gold