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Selling Gold To Lois Bullion

The team at Lois Bullion has over 50 years combined experience in the trade. The business is a precious metals buyer located in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, our business is one of the top traders in the industry. Feel free to get in touch to sell gold or buy gold form our expert team. We also sell Jewellery on our sister site Britannia Jewellery.

Selling your gold to us is easy. Unlike some, we will buy any quantity of gold, whether it’s 1 gram or several kilos. Our team is geared to buy any quantity of scrap gold. And we treat you all the same, with fairness, politeness and respect.

Current Scrap Prices We Pay

Current Scrap Prices

Figures accurate as of: January 27, 2023

Current Gold Prices

9ct Scrap Gold – £18.31 per gram

14ct Scrap Gold – £28.47 per gram

18ct Scrap Gold – £36.63 per gram

21ct Scrap Gold – £42.73 per gram

22ct Scrap Gold – £44.77 per gram

24ct Scrap Gold – £48.83 per gram

Current Silver Prices

Silver .999 – £0.55 per gram

Silver .925 – £0.51 per gram

Silver .900 – £0.49 per gram

Silver .800 – £0.44 per gram

Silver .500 – £0.27 per gram

Current Platinum Prices

Platinum .999 – £23.49 per gram

Platinum .950 – £22.54 per gram

Platinum .900 – £21.35 per gram

Palladium – £34.63 per gram


Full Krugerrand – £1526.88

Half Krugerrand – £763.44

Quarter Krugerrand – £381.72

1/10 Krugerrand – £152.69


Double Sovereigns – £719.11

Full Sovereigns – £359.11

Half Sovereigns – £179.55

Quarter Sovereigns – £89.55

24ct Gold Bars

Kilo gold Bar – £49089.95

100 gram gold bar – £4909.00

10 gram gold bar – £490.90

1 gram Bar – £49.09

Any other sizes – £49.09 per gram

Best Prices Paid In The Midlands!

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Best Prices Paid In The Midlands!

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