Trade Prices Selling Scrap Precious Metals

We work with a number of trades that get precious metal scrap in their day-to-day business, whether it’s from house clearances or a jewellery maker. There isn’t a minimum quantity, however, you MUST have a registered business name & VAT number. Typically our trade sellers get a better price depending on the volume of metal they wish to sell, or based on the regularity of items they sell to us.


We will pay 98% for all gold bars above 20% purity. This will be tested on-site. Gold bars with less than 20% purity but higher than 1% we will purchase at 90%. We cannot purchase magnetic bars, bars containing cadmium, bars with less than 1% gold content or bars with higher than 15% zinc content.

Live scrap

We will pay up to 98% for live gold scrap, and make instant same-day payments via bank transfer.

No hallmark – no worry, we can test your gold, silver, platinum palladium and rhodium.

We buy the full range of Gold Jewellery and items including but not limited to: 8ct, 9ct, 10ct, 12ct, 14ct, 15ct, 18ct, 20ct, 21ct, 22ct, 23ct, 24ct, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium & Rhodium

Type of trade items we buy

  • Lemels, Polishings & Dental
  • House clearances
  • Damaged jewellery/items
  • Rolled Gold
  • Business Clearances
  • End of range products
  • Unfinished products
  • Auction extras
  • Customer returns

We also buy

  • Gold coin sets
  • Investment bars
  • Silver bars

We are one of the few Bullion buyers that will buy Rolled Gold and Heavy Plated Gold. For example:

  • Bangles
  • Stripped Bracelets
  • Spectacles
  • Necklaces
  • Lockets
  • Watch straps

Ultimately, we offer our trade and public customers excellent rates with an exceptional standard of service.

Trade customers benefit from:

Higher than advertised rates for your gold, silver and platinum scraps
We have melt and assay facilities in our premises located in the Jewellery Quarter.

Instant payments

We offer a confidential, efficient and reliable service to all our trade customers.

Please read our feedback. You will see how our customers are pleased with the service.

No refining fees.
No hidden charges at all.

Start trading precious metals today

Trading Gold

Want to know the worth of your gold? Use our scrap gold calculator now and discover the true value in seconds.

Trading Silver

Unlock the potential value of your silver by using our scrap silver calculator to find out how much you could get.

Trading Platinum

Got platinum? Find out its value with our handy scrap platinum calculator. Don’t wait, calculate today!

Trading Palladium

Discover the worth of your palladium instantly with our scrap palladium calculator.

Please note that all our trade customers must be VAT Registered, and trading under a Registered Company name before we can activate any Trade Accounts.