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Gold Sovereign Coins

Buying Gold Sovereigns: From Quarter To Quintuple

Dive into the world of buying gold sovereigns at Lois Bullion, where history and investment intersect. Here, you’ll find an extensive collection of gold sovereigns, each piece a tangible testament to the rich numismatic history of Britain. Our range spans from the coveted full sovereigns to the unique quintuple sovereigns, crafted with skill and struck in pure 22-carat gold. Find the perfect asset for your investment portfolio or start your journey into the captivating realm of coin collecting with our meticulously curated selection.

Buying British Gold Coins

Gold full sovereigns are British gold coins with the face value of £1. Due to being legal tender in the UK gold sovereigns are Capital Gains Tax free and all investment gold in the UK is VAT free. Modern gold sovereigns have been produced since 1817 and weigh 7.98g. Gold sovereigns are 22ct (91.67% gold) containing 7.32g of pure gold. Gold sovereigns are predominantly produced by the Royal Mint in London, they have also been produced in Australia, Canada, India, and South Africa. Most London made sovereigns carry the front design of St George slaying the dragon designed by Benedetto Pistrucci, whilst come commemorative years feature different designs. Gold sovereigns are one of the most traded bullion coins in the world.

Denominations of Sovereigns: Size and Value

Sovereigns have been made in various sizes quarter sovereign, half sovereign, sovereign, double sovereign and quintuple sovereign. Each of these coins are either a larger or smaller replica of the full sovereign. As their name suggest each of the coins contain the respective gold content whether fractional or multiple. For example a half sovereign contains half the gold content as the full sovereign and the quintuple sovereign contains five times the gold content.

The Appeal of the Gold Quarter Sovereign

The Gold Quarter Sovereign is a popular choice among coin collectors and investors alike. Struck in 22 carat gold, this coin showcases exquisite designs that are usually a miniature version of the full sovereign coin. Its compact size and affordable price make it an excellent entry point for those new to gold coin collecting or investing. Despite its smaller denomination, the Gold Quarter Sovereign retains the same level of craftsmanship and historical significance as its larger counterparts. The Gold Quarter Sovereign was first produced and issued in the United Kingdom in 2009.

The Lasting Charm of Gold Half Sovereigns

The Gold Half Sovereign offers a unique mix of investment and historical value. Struck in 22-carat gold, this coin stands as a testament to Britain’s rich numismatic history. While the design may vary depending on the year of mintage, each coin is a precious artefact, encapsulating the era of its creation. As an investment, it provides a tangible, highly liquid asset that has maintained its value throughout centuries. The Gold Half Sovereign is not just a coin, but a piece of history that continues to shine with enduring allure. It was initially minted in 1817 and was part of the Great Recoinage of William Pitt the Younger, which aimed to stabilize the currency and improve economic conditions in Britain.

The Dual Attraction of Gold Double Sovereigns

The Gold Double Sovereign presents a lucrative investment opportunity as well as a tangible connection to history. The beauty and craftsmanship of the coin, combined with its pure 22 carat gold constitution, make it an attractive proposition for investors seeking a stable and timeless store of value. Moreover, its unique historical narrative enhances its appeal for numismatists and history enthusiasts alike. Thus, the bullion Gold Double Sovereign stands as a testament to enduring value, distinguished heritage, and exemplary craftsmanship. The first Gold Double Sovereign featuring King George was minted in 1817, during his reign as the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

The Gold Quintuple Sovereign: A Numismatic Treasure

The Gold Quintuple Sovereign is a standout piece among numismatic collectibles, showcasing impressive craftsmanship and historical significance. Struck in 22 carat gold, this coin features the iconic St George and the Dragon design, making it a significant investment as well as a treasured heirloom. These sovereigns are not only a testament to the rich history of the British monarchy but also a symbol of the nation’s enduring strength and resilience. The first of these gold coins was minted in 1820, during the final year of King George III’s reign. This initial production wasn’t large in number, making these early specimens particularly rare and highly sought after by collectors today.

The Distinction of Gold Proof Sovereigns

Gold proof sovereigns are a highly sought-after form of bullion coinage, offering not only a valuable investment but also a piece of history. These coins, often issued by the Royal Mint, are meticulously struck using specially prepared dies and blanks to ensure they exhibit fine detail and a virtually flawless finish. Their high-quality production process combined with their gold content and historical significance make them an excellent asset for both collectors and investors. Gold proof sovereigns often feature unique and commemorative designs.

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