Want to sell your Scrap Platinum or Platinum Jewellery?

Selling Your Platinum To Lois Bullion

Feel free to use our platinum scrap calculator to estimate what your platinum could be worth.

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Selling Your Platinum To Lois Bullion

Type Of Platinum We Buy

We can accept any form of Platinum scrap material including:

  • Platinum scrap wiring, laboratory crucibles, damaged Platinum jewellery and
  • Platinum Thermocouple Wire
  • Labware Platinum Crucibles, Lab Tongs etc.
  • Platinum Wedding or Engagement Rings
  • Investment Platinum Bullion Bars or Ingots
  • Casting Platinum Grain (Platinum with Ruthenium or Iridium Grain)
  • Jewellers off cuts, scraps, filings, bench dust sweeps etc.
  • Temperature Sensitive Platinum Rhodium Alloy Thermocouples
  • Dental Scrap including Platinum Group Metals
  • Sheet, Rods, Grain Manufacturing Scrap
  • Bullion Rounds and Investment Platinum Coins
  • Platinum Jewellery Over Stocks and Jewellers unwanted Inventory

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