About Lois

Established in 1985 Lois Bullion Ltd is one leading buyers of precious metal in the country for over 29 years. Lois is based in the Heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter with Secure Car parking. We buy all forms of bullion with immediate turnaround and payments.We pay top prices for all broken or unwanted Jewellery, Trade and public customers can visit our showroom which is situated at the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter in Hockley. Our pleasant staff will be more than happy to help.

We have opened our newly refitted showroom which now welcomes public buyers to view our large range of diamond set jewellery at trade prices.

We are currently in the market and paying top prices for;
Pre decimal coins
Secondhand Platinum Wedding Bands

Opening Hours

Open To The Public & Trade

Monday to Friday 9:00am till 5:00pm
Saturday 9:30 am till 3:30pm

Free parking on-site

No Appointment Needed

Did you know?

Gold was probably the first metal worked by prehistoric man. Gold is extremely malleable and ductile. A one-ounce piece can be beaten into a translucent sheet five-millionths of an inch thick or drawn out into 50 miles of wire five micrometers thick one-tenth the diameter of a human hair.

The metal is also virtually indestructible and has been highly valued throughout history, so humans have always recycled it. Upwards of 85 percent of all the gold ever found is still being used today.

For more than 70 years, the standard treatment for rheumatoid arthritis was regular injections of a liquid suspension of gold, which acts as an anti-inflammatory. Doctors still don’t know why.

In terms of gold reserves, the United States has the worlds largest hoard. But if ornamentation is included, India takes the title over 20 percent of the decorative gold used throughout the world is in the thread in Indian saris. The largest reservoirs of gold on the surface of the earth, an estimated 10 billion tons, are the oceans. Unfortunately, there is no practical way to get it out.