Rolled Gold

One of the most popular precious metals to make jewellery out of is, of course, gold. However, the costs of gold have gone up significantly over the years, making it an expensive material to make jewellery out of. In many instances’ gold is mixed with other metals to create a range of purity or carats.

Another type of alternative is gold plating, to get the look but not the cost. However, the problem with plating is it wears away over time. In order to make a cheaper alternative to gold, but longer lasting than plating, jewellers use rolled gold. It is also often referred to as gold filled or even gold overlay. Different names but it means the same thing.

What is Rolled Gold?

The process is fairly simple, usually two sheets of gold are used to sandwich another metal, most commonly copper or brass, but in some cases silver. This sandwich is then heated to bond them and then rolled out to form the raw material used to make the jewellery. It tends to be more durable than plating, but much cheaper than alloyed gold.

We buy scrap gold as a percentage of the current price, so rest assured you will get the best possible price for your rolled gold when you post it in or bring it to us in store.

We buy Rolled Gold

Most Gold for Cash places will not buy rolled gold, as the process of extracting the gold is complicated and often not worth the gold that is retrieved. However, we do buy rolled gold items and pay a set price per gram. 

The easiest way to identify rolled gold items is they will usually have markings  such as “rolled gold” or Gold Filled” or such as  1/5th metal core    2/ G.F or gf ie gold filled  3/ “metal core”  4/ “.

Turn all your broken, damaged jewellery into cash, or feel free to buy something new from our reasonably priced shop.

We pay via instant bank transfer, which means you get your money in minutes! Situated near Birmingham city center in the heart of the famous jewellery quarter, are one of UK’s largest buyers of Gold, scrap, coins and bars. Feel free to pop in or simply post your scrap to us and we will call you with an evaluation.

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How To Sell Your Rolled Gold

Step 1

Feel Free To Call Our Showroom To Get A Price Or Use Our Gold Scrap Calculator If You Know Your Gold Weights And Purities.

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If In Store, We Will Assess Your Items On The Spot In-Front Of  You And Make You An Offer. If Posting To Us, Fill In Our Form. And Send It Off With Your Items.

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Package Your Items Securely And Post Them To Us, Make Sure You Adequately Insure Your Items And Pack Discreetly.

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Once We Agree A Price, Whether It’s In Store Or Over The Phone, We Will Arrange An Immediate Bank Transfer Or Issue A Cheque If You Prefer.
Rolled Gold