Metalor are a well known Swiss refiner of gold and silver and are known for their high-quality impurity of products.

Metalor have been Producing high quality gold and silver of up to 999.9 purity which are not only offered as investment products but also often used in luxury and high-tech products manufactured in both the UK and Switzerland.

They offer a range of both cast and poured bars in gold and silver sizes; with gold ranging from 2.5 grams all the way to kilos, while silver bars start at 100 grams all the way to 100-ounce bars. They also offer both gold and silver grain which we are able to supply to the trade should you need it

Although based in Switzerland we work with their UK arm to deliver high quality Metalor products to UK precious metal investors.

Lois Bullion is an authorised dealer for Metalor in the UK. We sell certified Metalor gold and silver bars and offer a large range of sizes.

We also buy back metalor bars at competitive rates.

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