Silver shortages here in the United Kingdom

With the rise of demand of gold and precious metals by the Brics nations western culture including UK & USA there has been a huge interest in ownership of both physical gold and silver. Historically gold and silver has been used as a value of wealth seen mostly in jewellery however, many people do not
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King Charles III Questions & Answers

Many people online are inquisitive to what will happen now we have a new King? After much research from quality online sources here’s some facts we have found: Long Live the King
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Prince Naseem Boxer son Sami Hamed visits Lois Bullion Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

It was amazing to see Instore at Lois Bullion @sami.hamed98 Sami Naseem Salem Hamed, son of famous boxer Prince Naseem Hamed. Here with Joe Egan @bigjoeegan Mike Tysons sparring partner, Sherlock Holmes, featured in new 2022 Amazon film Prize fighter. Both Prince Naseem Hamed sons Aadam & Sami are aiming to follow in their father’s
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Fake Counterfeit Gold Coins On The Rise

Unfortunately with the rise of Inflation, financial concerns & high interest in gold purchases we have had a number of people visit us not realising they have accidentally bought fake gold coins elsewhere. 1 easy way to spot if a gold coin is fake or not is a flip test!   View this post on
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Lois Bullion Sponsors Porsche Racing Driver Charles Clark

Lois Bullion proudly has recently agreed to sponsor & support up and coming Porsche racing driver Charles Clark. Charles is a young highly enthusiastic sportsman full of determination to succeed in his chosen sport At Lois Bullion, we share similar values & would like to support Charles with his chosen career path, especially with the
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