Many people online are inquisitive to what will happen now we have a new King?

After much research from quality online sources here’s some facts we have found:

  • Now that King Charles III has officially been declared King, the new monarch is expected to use CIIIR monogram. This stands for Charles III Rex with Rex being the Latin word for King. Queen Elizabeth II used EIIR.
  • UK flags will change from EIIR to CIIIR.
  • UK stamps will now start production with new designs with King Charles III face, stamps will likely transition quicker than monetary changes.
  • Many new & existing post boxes will have CIIIR, mostly currently have EIIR & few in the UK still have King George VI.
  • Currency will slowly transition over coming years with King Charles III featured on new bank notes, the last UK GBP notes recall took over 16 months.
  • Similarly to notes/coins currency both gold & silver coins will be released in coming years with King Charles III face.
  • Royal Warrants will have a 2 year grace & over 600 businesses must reapply.
  • National anthem will remain the same however, edited with reference to the King “God save our gracious King”.
  • Pledges from Armed forces will continue & MPs are not allowed to sit in the House of Commons, speak in debates, vote or receive a salary unless they pledge allegiance to the crown (since 1952).
  • Common Wealth strengthening & alliances are as important today.
  • King Charles III has disclosed in his recent speech to balanced with his previous political, environmental, economical, global views.
  • King Charles III has handed over his previous title of Prince of Wales to his eldest son (& heir) Prince William.
  • King Charles will now undertake new responsibilities & therefore will now have to step down from previous responsibilities including time spent on his charities.

Long Live the King

King Charles III