Will United Kingdom cost of living crisis and inflation affect Gold investors?

Savvy investors are fully aware that markets simply go up or down, very rarely does a particular market, bond, commodity or security forever go up in a straight positive line correlation or stabilise for many years. Gold has historically been a good hedge against inflation and after the 2008 recession gold rallied strongly for years
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Top 5 Queens Head Coins

Queen jubilee In 2022, Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II has become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. Lois Bullion is celebrating Her Majesty’s historic reign in the run up to the Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend which takes place from 2nd to 5th June. An extended bank
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The Future is Gold

Historically the value of precious metals such as gold & silver has risen. In periods of dramatic historical events such as war, pandemics & recessions gold & silver have always been a good financial hedge to hold & invest in our opinion. With today’s excessive money printing in western culture, many people have looked at
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Introduction to Gold Sovereigns

Gold Sovereigns were first introduced in 1489 for Henry VII of England, however the Guinea replaced them, but then in 1817 the gold Sovereign was  reintroduced.The popularity of the gold sovereign was aided by the significant growth of the British Reign, with Victorian conquests in the 1800’s. The result of this unprecedented expansion, the Gold
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Selling Rolled Gold – What is It?

Rolled Gold One of the most popular precious metals to make jewellery out of is, of course, gold. However, the costs of gold have gone up significantly over the years, making it an expensive material to make jewellery out of. In many instances’ gold is mixed with other metals to create a range of purity
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Sell 9ct Gold Scrap and Jewellery

Can I Sell My Scrap 9ct Gold To Lois Bullion? If you are interested in selling your scrap 9ct gold, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team, either via phone or in-store. We buy all types of 9ct gold, from jewellery findings, broken items, coins and even melted bars. How much is
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