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Best Value 10 Guilders Netherlands Gold Coin


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Weight: 6.7g
Metal Purity g.900
Metal Type gold
Stock In Stock
Gross Weight (grams) 6.72
Fineness 900


The 10 Guilders Gold coin, is known by different names. In the Netherlands, it is referred to as a “gulden” or “florin,” while English speakers commonly call it a “guilder.”

This is a gold bullion coin that was minted in the Netherlands from the 16th to 20th century. The coin weighs approximately 6.72 grams and is made from .900 fineness, containing  just under 0.194 troy ounces of gold.

The obverse of the 10 Guilders Gold coin features a portrait of the reigning Dutch monarch at the time of minting, adding a historical and cultural touch to the design. You will receive a coin from over the years which will display various Dutch kings and queens, including Queen Wilhelmina one of the longest-reigning monarchs in history reigning from 1890 to 1948. To the left of the date on a 10 Guilders Gold Coin, there is a graceful seahorse, while to the right, a majestic caduceus can be found.

The reverse of the 10 Guilders Gold coin, on the other hand, showcases the Netherlands’ coat of arms, a stately lion with a sword and arrows, symbolising the Dutch nation’s unity and independence.

A significant feature of the 10 Guilders Gold coin is its recognisability and liquidity. It is widely traded around the world, making it a practical addition to any precious metals portfolio. It is not only valuable for its gold content, but it also holds numismatic value, making it appealing to both investors and collectors alike. Our best value coins will be randomly selected from a variety of years.

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